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Annual Reviews

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Resource brochures

  • Our services – an overview of all the Hospice has to offer.
  • A Guide For Carers – helpful information from Hospice NZ.
  • About Grief – helpful information on the grieving process.
  • Acupressure in palliative care – acupressure techniques for symptom management.
  • An Admission To The In-Patient Unit – What To Expect – this explains our approach to your care and the various reasons why you may be there.
  • Coping with Bereavement – this describes some of the common feelings you may experience when someone close to you dies.
  • Counselling Services – our counselling service that provides the opportunity to explore issues and feelings with a trained professional before, or after the death of a loved one.
  • Massage therapy for in-patients and family / whanau – massage is a way to unwind and relax  and a passive exercise that can compensate for lack of movement. Find out what is available at our In-Patient Unit.
  • Driving Considerations – guidelines on when to drive and when not to drive.
  • Falls prevention – simple ways to help remove the risk of trips and falls.
  • Feet, footwear and falls – advice about well fitting footwear for foot health and to help prevent falls.
  • Funeral Directors in the Greater Wellington Region – a convenient list of services with contact information.
  • Funeral Planning – our social workers at Mary Potter Hospice are happy to work alongside you and your family as you make decisions about an appropriate funeral or farewell event.There are a number of options available to people planning a funeral which range  from working closely with a funeral director who manages most or all of the arrangements, through to family led funerals where family plan and manage most or all of it.
    Our Maori Liaison has connections to Maori communities and can provide tautoko/support when preparing for tangihanga. Assistance is also available when planning travel home to the marae or urupā.

Hospice New Zealand also has many resources and publications available to help.

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