Symposium: The Dying Truth - Communication in Advanced Disease

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If communication is the quintessential human skill and death is a universal experience, you might think that people would communicate about a terminal illness well.  Particularly when a highly trained health professional is part of the communication.     Reality does not always  bear this out.   Communication at the end of life is recognised as something we need to work on .  
The Dying Truth will look at communication in the setting of advanced disease, how we can do it better.   We will look at what are the barriers, how we can overcome them, what formal training programmes might offer, what cultural and language differences add.   And what is Truth - how should it be handled in a health setting? 

A  Mini-Masterclass will be held the previous day, Wednesday 26 April in Wellington about Healing Grief - Death and Dying Practices. To be registered separately.

The programme is aimed at health professionals involved in difficult conversations.  

The Brentwood Hotel, Kilbirnie, Wellington27 April
8:30am - 4:30pm
$200.00 - Symposium: The Dying Truth - Communication in Advanced DiseaseLogin