Treaty and Tikanga Hui: Marae Based Learning

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Mary Potter Hospice has broadened the reach of participants for our Treaty and Tikanga Day to include our partners across the health sector and the community.  The purpose is to widen people’s exposure to a Māori environment on the marae and to open their perspectives and understanding when working with Māori at end of life.

Tikanga: Correct procedure, custom, habit, lore, method, manner, rule, way, code, meaning, plan, practice, convention, protocol - the customary system of values and practices that have developed over time and are deeply embedded in the social context.

Kaupapa: topic, policy, matter for discussion, plan, purpose, scheme, proposal, agenda, subject, programme, theme, issue, initiative.

Source: Māori Dictionary online

We start with introductory concepts of Kaupapa and Tikanga, look at the historical context of the Te Tiriti o te Waitangi (the Treaty of Waitangi) and its place in current health policy.  We will reflect upon the sector’s Treaty approach in recent years, as well as exploring how we can turn insight into action in practise. This will include discussions on racism within our own environments.


Our day ends with a warm reflection and acknowledgement of the special place of wairuatanga around death and Māori wellbeing.

Marae5 April
8:30am - 4:30pm
$180.00 - Treaty and Tikanga Hui: Marae Based LearningLogin