Share your Mary Potter Hospice memory

It’s our birthday! We’d love to hear your stories about Mary Potter Hospice from the last 40 years.

Nurse aides relax over a cup of coffee

In 1979 the Beehive was completed, carless days were introduced, and Jon Steven’s ‘Jezebel’ dominated the airwaves. It was also the year that Mary Potter Hospice was gifted to the people of Wellington.

Do you remember seeing our first Hospice car, the humble Hillman, zipping around the streets of Wellington? Or the 1989 Hospice telephone appeal where we rang every household in the region to fundraise for our Inpatient Unit in Newtown? Maybe you have a special memory of the care a loved one received at Mary Potter Hospice? If you have a Mary Potter Hospice memory, we’d love to hear it!

We use these stories on our website, in our newsletters, and in other promotional material to help people in our community understand what Mary Potter Hospice can provide for families and whānau. If you would like to share your story, please contact Philippa Sellens, Director of Fundraising, Marketing and Communications at

Become a part of our future

Mary Potter Hospice is a local charity and relies on your support. Each year we need to raise around $7 million to keep our services free. Whether you’re donating in memory of a loved one, in appreciation of hospice care, or simply because you believe in the work we do – thank you. It’s people like you that make our work possible.