Our Executive Team

Diana Pryde – 
Interim Chief Executive

Diana is an experienced leader, with a diverse cross-section of skills and significant experience in working with staff, volunteers and professionals. She has held several long-term senior roles, with the Bankers Institute, the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants, the Crown Law Office and Athabasca University in Canada.

Diana has been with the Hospice for four years and has been working as Director Support Services, managing our facilities, logistics and the retail and volunteer network.

brian-ensor-2016-am_web2Dr Brian Ensor 
- Director Palliative Care

Brian trained as a General Practitioner after graduating from the Auckland Medical School. His introduction to palliative care came through working at the Te Omanga Hospice in Lower Hutt, which was consolidated by seven years as the Clinical Director at North Shore Hospice in Auckland.

Shifting to Wellington with his family has brought the opportunity to work at Mary Potter Hospice, and the privilege of contributing to this centre of excellence for palliative care in New Zealand.

rosanne-king-2016-am_web-2Rosanne King – Director Clinical Services

Rosanne has been the Director Clinical Services for Hospice of the Valley in Arizona, USA, where she has worked since taking on the role of Case Manager in 2004.

Rosanne has had a variety of clinical, nurse-education and leadership roles (paediatric, medical, psychiatric, rehabilitative and community health) in New Zealand, Australia and the USA before moving into palliative care.

Hospice of the Valley – Arizona covers a population area of four million and four cities (and rural areas). Her role there was to lead the clinical operations of seven multi-disciplinary teams, and office support staff, to provide a 24/7 service to a current daily census of 500 hospice-palliative care patients. Prior to taking up the Director Clinical Services role, Rosanne was a team leader with the Hospice, managing four multi-disciplinary community teams that provided care to those at home and in a nursing facility. In this role she headed the start-up team for a service to an under-served rural area and a Native American Reservation.

In addition, to her Diploma of Comprehensive Nursing, Rosanne completed a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner programme (Waikato Hospital), and has a Bachelor of Health Science and Nursing from Southern Cross University (Sydney, Australia).

philippa-sellens-2016-am_web-2Philippa Sellens – Director Fundraising, Marketing and Communications

Philippa has extensive experience in the government, private and NGO sectors, most recently with Airways NZ and IHC. Her experience includes executive leadership, government relations, reputation management and fundraising communications.

She holds a Master of Public Policy, is an accredited member of the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand and has a Certificate of Journalism.

Philippa is a Wellingtonian and is passionate about ensuring a free hospice service exists for the Wellington region.

Frances Robinson – Director Support Services

Frances is an experienced Finance Manager with particular expertise in the Not-For-Profit sector. She ensures that through sound financial management, Mary Potter Hospice has adequate and sustainable resources to meet objectives and continue to support the community.

Frances holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Victoria University of Wellington.

In addition to her Finance Manager role, Frances has taken on Director of Support Services role and is responsible for Investment Management, Property & Asset Management and Information Technology.

Te Pou Tautoko

Māori support and advice group

Te Pou Tautoko is facilitated by Māori Liaison, Elizabeth Munday, and supported by the Director Clinical Services and the Chief Executive. The group provides advice and supports the Hospice to implement the Māori Service Plan and ensure our services meet the needs of Māori communities.

Kaumatua members are Mrs Kahuwaeroa Katene and Mr Tau Huirama. The group helps ensure the Hospice meets the needs of Māori communities and implement the Māori Service Plan.

Te Pou Tautoko has contributed to projects that influence palliative care on a nationwide basis. The group has assisted us with our education and research projects as well as providing support at formal ceremonies and occasions. They ensure that a Māori voice is maintained through all levels of the Hospice – Board, Executive, on the ground with patients and volunteers and through the Māori community. All Hospice staff have the opportunity to seek guidance and advice from Te Pou Tautoko when working on specific projects.