Mary Potter Apartments

Apartments_with claddingMary Potter Hospice is building an apartment complex adjacent to its Hospice building in Mein Street, Newtown. This will create long-term sustainable revenue for the Hospice and its future services as demand continues to grow.

Project Updates

Following approval of the project to proceed, we would like to keep our patients, families, neighbours and staff updated with details of the project here. The most recent updates will be at the top of the list, below.

Please contact Philippa Sellens, Director of Fundraising, Marketing & Communications at Mary Potter Hospice if you have questions about the apartments. Phone: 04 381-0156.

14 June 2018: Ground testing on apartment site. On Wednesday 20 June ground and soil testing will be undertaken on the site of the apartments. It will run from around 8.30 to 4pm.

Read more about the project in our archived news articles and important documents: