Te Ara o Puanga – Mary Potter Apartments

Mary Potter Hospice is building Te Ara o Puanga, an apartment complex adjacent to the Hospice building in Newtown.

Apartments_with claddingThis will create long-term sustainable revenue for the Hospice and its future services as demand continues to grow.

Project updates
Following approval of the project to proceed, we would like to keep our patients, families, neighbours and staff updated with details of the project here. The most recent updates will be at the top of the list, below.

Diana Pryde                                                    
Director Development and Infrastructure
Mary Potter Hospice

Ilan Fisher
Project Manager
McKee Fehl Constructors Ltd
Mobile: 021 455 131

Mary Potter Apartments update: 14 June 2021
Letter to residents 

Mary Potter Apartments update: 6 December 2019
This is to inform you of work on the Mary Potter Hospice apartment site over the next few weeks.

Traffic management: On Tuesday 10th December 2019 and on Tuesday 17th December 2019, McKee Fehl are implementing a traffic management plan along Owen Street and Picton Avenue to bring a large digger on to the site. This temporary traffic management will include reserving a few car parks which will be indicated by road cones one day before these dates.

Earthworks: earthworks for the foundations will begin on 10 December 2019.

Christmas hours: McKee Fehl will stop work on the site for the Christmas break, with their last day being Friday 20 December, and beginning work again on Monday 6 January 2020.

Mary Potter Apartments update: November 2019
Last week the Wellington City Council issued our Building Consent, so we can now start on the apartment construction. Our contractor McKee Fehl moved their site office onto the Owen Street back driveway today (Tuesday 19 November). The first major piece of work will be to dig up the back driveway which goes on to Owen Street. This will start on Monday 25 November and will take approximately four weeks. This will mean all the services (water, sewerage, electricity etc) to the apartments can be established.

From 25 November, the driveway will be closed off to all through traffic and pedestrians for approximately four weeks. After that, there will be limited access through the construction site, for pedestrians and some service vehicles such as ambulances and delivery trucks.

As previously advised, during the Resource Consent hearing, the Independent Commissioner imposed strict conditions on the building process. Please refer to our communications to residents outlining hours of operation, noise and traffic management issues, earthworks management, and the complaints process if you have any concerns. You can read the Independent Commissioner’s decision and conditions below.

We expect this to be a 20 month construction programme (June 2021).

We are doing everything we can to make sure that the project runs as smoothly, cleanly and quietly as a construction project can, but we realise that there will be inconveniences to our neighbours during the construction. We apologise for this. Please don’t hesitate to contact either of us if you have any questions or concerns. We would be very happy to chat with you.

5 September 2019: Communications to neighbouring residents delivered
Letter to residents
Communications to residents

25 January 2019: Work has started for the year on the Mary Potter Hospice site
First, our apologies for the mud from the site on Thursday, due to the unexpected and extremely heavy rainfall overnight. It has been cleaned up and the drains cleared of mud and debris. The contractor has a site management plan in place and responded quickly to clearing the gutters on Owen Street as soon as work commenced on Thursday morning. Each drain has a silt cloth underneath the grill to ensure no solid debris goes into the drain.

Good progress is being made on the extensive renovation of the three houses on Mein Street. We expect them to be complete and tenanted on the open rental market by mid-year.

In the first week of February we will be calling for tenders from the sub-trades. McKee Fehl will be running this process.Construction of the apartments won’t start until the houses are near completion.

Regarding the hours of work on the site, our arrangement with the Council is that building works can take place between 7am and 6pm, with quiet time until 7.30am.  McKee Fehl are usually finished at 4.30pm. They are now working on Saturdays, also the same hours.

20 December 2018: Construction work will stop on the site for the holiday break from early afternoon, Friday 21 December, and start again on Monday 7 January
In January, work will continue on renovating and reconfiguring our houses on 58, 60 and 62 Mein Street. As well, the contractor will be fencing the large pohutakawa tree and a professional arborist will be trimming it back to protect it during the construction.

9 November 2018: Work to start on Mary Potter Hospice site
In the next few weeks there will be activity on the Mary Potter Hospice site as renovations begin on 58, 60 and 62 Mein Street. The work is being undertaken by McKee Fehl.

  • The demolition of the ‘lean tos’ at the back of the three houses, and extensive renovating and reconfiguring of the houses inside.
  • The Contractors will access the houses via Mary Potter Hospice’s driveway on Owen Street. A temporary driveway will be created on our property leading up to the back of the houses so that the demolition on the back of the houses can begin. The plan is to have the demolition completed by mid-December. A skip will be placed temporarily on Mein Street.
  • Before the demolition of the lean-to parts of the three houses commences, specialists will be coming in to hand pick out some broken sheets of asbestos. Some scaffold will also go up to remove some asbestos parts of the house roofs. We have sought and been given reassurance that given the way the experts do this type of work, there will be no risk to our staff, patients, neighbours or the public.
  • The contractors will be fencing off the works site area and will take over the car parks on the north side of the driveway at the back of the Hospice.

An archaeological assessment of the site where the main apartment complex building will be built in 2019 has been undertaken and nothing of significance has been found.

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