Whetū i te rangi – the ‘stars’ in the sky

According to Māori mythology the stars are a spiritual connection to the cosmos.

They provide a calendar for cultivation and food gathering. They represent a navigational map for ‘way finders’ and travellers, keeping them safe on their journey. They are a shining reminder of loved ones whose life-journey has ended.

As the stars guided the great Māori navigators to Aotearoa, Mary Potter Hospice supports and guides our patients and their families or whānau on this journey.

Each patient, too, is like a star guiding the Hospice and its work. And our patients are with us, in our memories and hearts, like the stars in the sky, when their journey ends.

Te Pou Tautoko (the Hospices’ Māori support group) chose the phrase ‘whetū i te rangi’ to depict this philosophy.