At Mary Potter Hospice, we are committed to delivering the highest standards of quality and safety.

Mary Potter Hospice has established systems and frameworks in place to continually evaluate the quality of care we provide to patients and their families or whānau.

All Hospice staff contribute to quality improvements thus improving the standard of care we provide across the organisation.

During 2018, auditors from the DAA group (the Designated Audit Agency for Ministry of Health) performed an independent audit of the Hospice services against Ministry and EqUIP 6 healthcare standards. The team of auditors used a common checklist for the audit, interviewed staff and consumers, observed practice and the environment, along with reviewing patient records, policies and procedures.

The findings validate the quality of services:

The Hospice is recognised as a leader in palliative care services and works closely with the District Health Board and other providers in implementing the palliative care strategy. There have been many changes at Mary Potter Hospice since the last survey with an interim Chief Executive leading the organisation. In addition, at the time of this survey, there are three vacant positions in the senior management team. There has been a significant reduction in dedicated staff with quality responsibilities and it is a credit to all the staff that improvement initiatives and continued improvement in the quality of care has been realised. Patients and families interviewed and customer feedback reviewed rate the standard of service as excellent.

The auditors said that the Hospice has a culture of continuous quality improvement where consumers are at the centre of care. They also said the Hospice strives for best practice and promotes palliative care principles.

The quality improvement and risk management systems are integrated which results in streamlined projects and activities.

There are a number of organisation wide improvement projects which are well documented and supported by staff. The audit calendar is being implemented to measure compliance. Staff are well informed and involved in quality initiatives and information is well communicated in the organisation. The Professional Advisory Group oversees quality initiatives and monitors all key components of service delivery. The publication of the Quality and Clinical Governance Report annually demonstrates the strength and depth of continuous quality improvement at Mary Potter Hospice.