At Mary Potter Hospice, we are committed to delivering the highest standards of quality and safety. 

Wordle from patient and family comment cards 2014.

Wordle from patient and family comment cards 2014.

We have established systems and frameworks to continually evaluate the quality of care we provide to patients and their families or whānau.

All teams contribute to quality improvements thus improving the standard of care we provide across the organisation.

During 2016, auditors from the DAA group (the Designated Audit Agency for Ministry of Health) performed an independent audit of the Hospice services against Ministry standards. The team of auditors used a common checklist for the audit, interviewed staff and consumers, observed practice and the environment, along with reviewing patient records, policies and procedures.

The findings validate the quality of services with 29/48 criterion awarded an ‘Extensive Achievement’ (EA) rating. This compares to 19/45 criterion receiving an EA rating in 2014. The Hospice received no corrective actions.

Staff engagement and willingness to be part of quality improvement projects is commendable. High quality innovations have been put into practice by staff members who are active in achieving the best outcomes for patients. The service is ‘values based’ and this is evident throughout the projects viewed and staff and patient interviews.

The auditors said that the Hospice has a culture of continuous quality improvement where consumers are at the centre of care. They also said the Hospice strives for best practice and promotes palliative care principles.

Staff are motivated and ‘feed off each other’ in practice development. Progress reports on achievements are reported and this information is circulated to staff. Quality improvement is a component of all activity at Mary Potter Hospice with staff, management and the board committed to continuous improvement.

Among the patient and family feedback were the following comments:
‘I am cared for personally.’
‘The service has exceeded expectations.’ (Māori patient and whānau)
‘I feel like I am the only person that matters’(patient in a four-bedded room)
‘Staff are inclusive and there are no pressures.’
‘I didn’t feel like eating when I came in and now I am – the food portions and care taken with food presentation made me feel like eating again.’

Mary Potter Hospice produces an annual Quality & Clinical Governance Report. The Health, Safety and Quality Commission requires that all district health boards publish ‘Quality Accounts’. A copy of the report can be found here.

Read the full external quality audit report here.

Our Quality & Education Manager, Teresa Read, can be contacted on (04) 381 0160 or Teresa.Read@marypotter.org.nz