The first Hospice car

April 15th, 2019

Sister Margaret Lancaster shares the story of the Hospice’s humble Hillman.

In the early days Sister Margaret nursed one of the directors of the Shell Oil Company. Highly impressed by the care he received, he made provision for Shell to give the Hospice petrol for a car.

‘When we explained that we didn’t have a Hospice car he said that the contract would remain until we needed it.’ Transport was certainly an issue. Whenever Margaret went to give
a talk or visited patients and bereaved families, she would borrow one of the convent’s vehicles. ‘One day I asked Mother Superior if I could take a car for a few hours. She must have had a bad morning, because she said sarcastically “Why ask me? It’s your car — the other nuns just use it when it’s spare. It’s all about you, it’s all about the Hospice.”

I said, “I need to get a car. Can I write to the paper and see if they will get me one?” So I rang the Evening Post, they wrote a little story about the Hospice needing a car and we were offered three! We chose a small cream Hillman that had belonged to the recently deceased husband of an elderly lady. She believed that the Hospice was where he would like the car to go.’

Written by Bee Dawson, first appearing in ‘With You: The Mary Potter Hospice Story’

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