2017 Annual Meeting Awards – Winners

November 15th, 2017

Our Annual Awards recognise exceptional service to Mary Potter Hospice through:

  • outstanding contributions and excellence
  • high quality outputs, innovation in support of the Hospice’s strategic goals
  • community or individual dedication
  • Our Values of respect, compassion, dignity, hospitality and stewardship.

Congratulations to this year’s award winners:


Kerry Martin – Volunteering services award
Kerry is the coordinator of the Mary Potter Hospice biography service for Wellington and Porirua. He brings an attitude of enthusiastic and competent service to his role as volunteer biographer. He provides a top quality biography service for patients, and has also mentored several new biographers.

Colin Thompson – Volunteering services award
Colin does meal service in the Inpatient Unit every fortnight and picks up extra shifts to help cover absences. Colin helps deliver the orientation programme to new volunteers and he facilitates the ‘Volunteers Voice’ orientation session where he describes what his experience of volunteering is like. He also showed off his handyman skills by creating a large number of small block houses for children to decorate in the recent children’s grief workshops.

Health Partnerships

Our health partnership awards recognise organisations who work in partnership with the Hospice, for the benefit of our patients and their families.

Gwynn Jecks and the Whitireia Community Law Centre – Health partnership award
Gwynn is a community lawyer at Whitireia Community Law in Porirua. Gwynn is part of a team that has provided excellent support to our patients and staff over a number of years.
She has assisted numerous patients and bereaved family members with Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) documentation, advice and advocacy around financial and other legal matters. She often visits patients at home and in the inpatient unit.

Fundraising awards

Without financial support from the Wellington community, we couldn’t continue to operate and provide our services.

Nikau Foundation, with special mention to Louise Parkin – Fundraising services award
Louise Parkin and Nikau Foundation have supported Mary Potter Hospice for over 20 years. Through its innovative work, encouraging philanthropy and facilitating funds, the Nikau Foundation has made a huge difference to the Hospice and the people we care for.

The Foundation has contributed greatly to the running of the Hospice and allowed us to upgrade our air-conditioning, buy an emergency water tank and maintain high quality beds. These are just a few of the wonderful things the Nikau Foundation has done to help Mary Potter Hospice.

ANZ Bank, with special mentions to Robin Dodd & Katerina Ryland – Fundraising services award
Over the years, ANZ Bank has provided the Hospice with a tremendous amount of support through business banking, the ANZ Staff Foundation and also on-the-ground support at Hospice fundraising events.

Katerina Ryland always volunteers her time and her staff to collect with the Mary Potter Hospice street collection, and Robin Dodd, gives up his office and conference room to allow our counting team on the day of the street collection to safely and securely process the donations received.
Thank you Katerina, Robin and all the ANZ Wellington team.

Gary Parsons – Fundraising services award
As well as being a regular donor, volunteer and supporter of the Hospice, Gary is also the landlord for the Hospice Thorndon Retail Shop. The Hospice values the association we have with Gary as he goes out of his way as a landlord and supporter to ensure that he does everything he can to make the Hospice a better place.
Over the years, Gary has made a significant financial contribution and untold amounts in volunteer capacity.

Melanie Watson – Retail services award
Our retail network is a vital fundraising vehicle, but is also our face in the communities where our shops are present. The value and practice of Stewardship is exemplified in the care and attention to detail Melanie shows in all her efforts to raise funds through the auctions on our TradeMe ‘Commemorables’ store. She has been vital to the growth and sustainability of the online retail team and, having worked closely with previous retail manager Lynn Blann from the early days of the TradeMe operations, she provides a strong continuum in practice, policy and operations.

Parkwood Seekers, with special mentions to Di Atchison & Robin Hare – Fundraising services award
Parkwood Seekers, a group from a retirement village in Waikanae, have raised many dollars for the Hospice. We particularly acknowledge Parkwood Seeker Di Atchison who is retiring after 30 years’ service.

Also to be acknowledged is Robin Hare, another tireless worker, who also volunteers for the Kapiti day unit. For many years she has cooked, arranged flowers, been a driver when needed and assisted with other events in Kapiti such as the Strawberry Festival.