Mary Potter Hospice Apartments resource consent application accepted by WCC

December 21st, 2016

Mary Potter Hospice’s resource consent application to build a 39-unit apartment complex to at the back of the Hospice building, on Mein Street in Newtown has been accepted by WCC.

The Council is now working through its resource consent process to decide if the application will be notified, and what the timeframe will be. The application accepted this week has been modified from the first application in November, with some clarifications to carparking, the solar panels, the cafe and the Hospice’s use of the apartments.

The complex will be run as a social enterprise, meaning the income from the venture will be put back into the Hospice to fund services free-of-charge for decades to come.

The design is substantially different from than first proposed by the Hospice for consultation with affected neighbours, and the modified design was made public in September.

Mary Potter Hospice, in planning this venture, is preparing for an anticipated increase in demand for its services.

Projections show that there will be an increase in demand over the next decade, which will rise more sharply by about 30 percent the following decade. Patient numbers in 2015/16 were 12 percent higher than the previous year.

The income from the apartments will supplement the $5 million already raised through charity shops, bequest, grants and other fundraising. It cost around $12 million each year to run the Hospice to provide free-of-charge services, and the government pays around $5.5 million a year.

You can read the Mary Potter Hospice application here

Full details including appendices can be found on the Wellington City Council website here