Our Hospice art gallery

March 20th, 2019

Our volunteer art curators have adorned our Inpatient Unit with gorgeous new artworks that are for sale in support of Mary Potter Hospice.

We love it when our volunteer curators come to visit! Kirsty and Adele have selected artists from around Wellington to exhibit their work at the Hospice. “It is our pleasure to source and curate the art currently being exhibited in the Hospice,” said Kirsty and Adele. “We are very happy to give our time because Hospice does such great work in our community and is such a vital service.”

Our Inpatient Unit has a wide array of artworks on display which add a special touch of comfort to our patients, their family and our staff. Art can have a positive impact on our well-being because when we carefully observe an artwork we are also creating an opportunity for a transformative experience. Colours, textures and shapes often take us away to special place that can be healing and relaxing.

You can add a special touch to your home, or purchase a one-of-a-kind gift for someone special. The artworks that Adele and Kirtsy selected are for sale with a percentage of sales going directly to the Hospice. There’s something for everyone depending on your style, budget and wall space! Artworks can be viewed and purchased from our Inpatient Unit in Newtown.

Thank you to Adele, Kirsty and all participating local artists for giving the gift of their time and creative talents in support of Mary Potter Hospice.