Creating connections

November 7th, 2019

Each week groups of Hospice patients meet together for friendship and connection. The Porirua Day Programme Co-ordinator is Olivia, and recently she worked with patients on this felted stone activity.

“It’s a soothing, sensory creative activity. In the Porirua day programme we have done this activity a couple of times with a therapeutic intention to contemplate as we create them. This particular photo was after an amazing group process where our theme was ‘journeys’.”

Olivia says that the intention is to engage the senses, be guided by colour and use mindfulness to note the characteristics of each rock and consider the journey it had taken down the Tararua ranges.  She had collected the rocks from Otaki river.

“When the rocks were finished, we shared them as a group, giving them a name inspired from each individual’s creative process. This sparked laughter and memories.”

Olivia says that the creative process within the day programme encourages contemplation, mindfulness, group sharing and connection as well as a sense of play and fun as stories evolve and memories are shared.