Fundraising for our Starlight Circle

March 1st, 2023

From Thursday 2 March and onwards, you may see Mary Potter Hospice fundraising in association with Egentic through online surveys.

After completing the Mary Potter Hospice survey you may also receive a call from one of our telephone fundraisers. Our representatives will be conducting tele fundraising for our Starlight Circle. Now more than ever we need support from those in our community. By joining our Starlight Circle you allow us to budget, expand our services and continue to provide care that’s always there.

About our fundraisers
Our teams of fundraisers are highly trained and enthusiastic individuals. They are dedicated to raising money and building awareness of our commitment to ensuring every person in Wellington, Porirua and Kāpiti has access to Hospice care. We are committed to ensuring that our fundraisers offer a positive experience to the public when interacting with them, and are friendly, professional and helpful.

We are a member of the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand. The Mary Potter Hospice Foundation is a registered charitable entity in terms of the Charities Act 2005. Registered Charity CC30221.

How do I know the call is genuine?
If you receive a phone call from one of our telephone fundraisers they will give you their name and confirm they are calling on behalf of Mary Potter Hospice. Our callers names are Victor and Andrew.

Where does my money go?
Your donation goes towards all of the services Mary Potter Hospice provides for our patients and their family. It helps pay for home visits, nutritious meals, family support and all the other care and comfort that we provide. None of our telefundraisers get paid a commission and are paid for from a separate budget allocated to fundraising expenses. Any donation goes directly towards patient and family care in your area.

If you have feedback or if you are unsure as to whether someone claiming to represent Mary Potter Hospice is an authorised fundraiser you can contact:
Penelope Esplin
Fundraiser – Regular Giving
Phone: 04 381 0189 or 021 897 980