Mary Potter Hospice listens to community

September 8th, 2016

For immediate release
From Mary Potter Hospice

Mary Potter Hospice has considered the feedback received from its Newtown neighbours about its proposed apartment complex, and has significantly modified its plans to accommodate residents’ concerns.

The Hospice is required to submit its Resource Consent application shortly, and will do so with an amended design for the apartment complex.  It is to be built next to the hospice building in Mein Street, Newtown and will help fund hospice services for decades to come.

“The community was very clear with us about some key issues of concern to them, such as the bulk appearance, impact of loss of sun and the provision of parking,” says Mary Potter Hospice Chairman Ani Waaka.


A picture of the modified design for the apartment complex. The red line is the outline of the previous design, showing the new design is substantially lower.

The amended design lowers the complex, which was previously 16 metres in height, by up to 5.6 metres and at a minimum, 1.8 metres.  This is achieved by removing apartments from the corners that were creating the most shade on the neighbours, lowering the ground level, creating split levels and removing car stackers from the basement.  This streamlines the complex so it is less dominant, with four split levels working down the hillside.

Deputy Mayor Justin Lester said he is pleased that the modified design appears to balance the needs of the Hospice’s immediate neighbours with the urgent needs of those who need housing in Newtown and central Wellington.

“This is a great example of different parts of our community listening to each other to find some middle ground that respects each other’s interests and needs.  We have people in desperate need of housing so I’m very pleased that these extra units will add to the housing stock and I applaud the hospice for planning ahead to meet the health needs of our community,” says Mr Lester.

The Newtown Residents’ Association said it appreciates that the Mary Potter Hospice is now being a more caring neighbour and has amended their earlier proposal. “The revised design is lower in height, and shaped to follow the hillside slope with stepped down tiers, which will allow more sunlight and sky to come over for the neighbouring houses in Owen Street. This is much better than the bulk of the two imposing tower blocks. We look forward to hearing whether the affected neighbours feel that this meets their concerns,” said Newtown Residents’ Association President Rhona Carson.

Mary Potter Hospice will now be discussing this modified design with its neighbours.


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