“It is about having a better quality of life.”

September 30th, 2021

“Mary Potter Hospice isn’t so much about death,” Pat says, “It is about having a better quality of life.”

Pat is a massage therapist at Mary Potter Hospice. Since 2012, he has been offering therapeutic massages to patients, family and staff.  “My day usually starts at 8.30 with a multidisciplinary team meeting. Then I go around the patients rooms offering massage – there is no appointment or schedule. We just go with the flow.”

Photo was taken at Alert Level 1

Offering massage creates a space for people to relax and take their mind off whatever is going on, Pat says.  “It allows them to have a break and, for patients, to rely on something other than medication for relief.

“They enjoy being present, the touch and the communication. They are not having to relive their diagnosis and their issues – they just get to enjoy it.”

Often people who are new to the Hospice get a surprise when massage is offered to them. “They are always grateful. Family members in particular are often surprised the massage is also for them.”For Pat, the two days he spends at the Hospice each week are a real highlight.

“In terms of energy levels, I don’t feel like anything is being taken away with me. I feels like it is a good exchange. The client always gives me a gift – whether that is a story they share, or a smile.

“I always feel revived after spending time at Mary Potter.”

Being part of the Hospice’s holistic approach to care was a privilege, Pat says. “It is a positive place to work. Seeing families work together to support their loved ones is very moving.”