“I collect in memory of Mum and Dad.”

August 10th, 2020

Matthew remembers his parents each year when he volunteers for the Mary Potter Hospice Street Appeal. Both his mother Audrey and father Graham were cared for by the Hospice. The support they received enriched the end of their lives and was a huge help to their family.

“We found the Hospice amazing. The staff were fantastic. When Mum arrived at the Inpatient Unit a huge weight lifted off her shoulders. She was so pleased her family could take a break from looking after her. It was the same for Dad when he received care.”

Wanting to give back to the Hospice, Matthew signed up to volunteer as part of the Street Appeal. He now volunteers as an Area Coordinator helping to organise volunteers around the city. The role involves compiling rosters, organising Eftpos machines and collection buckets and making sure his part of the city is covered well on collection day.

“I really enjoy being able to help the Hospice. I know it relies heavily on the funds that are collected. I get a lot of comradeship on collection day from people who go pass by and say ‘Mum was helped by the Hospice – here is some money’. When you are out on the street collecting you realise there are a huge number of Wellingtonians who have benefited from the Hospice one way or another.”

Anyone who is thinking about volunteering for the Street Appeal should give it a go, Matthew says.

“It makes you feel good and like you have done your bit. I do it and represent my family. You are helping to look after people, who are looking after people. If you can’t volunteer, then consider dipping into your pockets and giving to a great organisation.”

Anyone wanting to take part in the 2020 Mary Potter Hospice Street Appeal on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 September can sign up to do so here.

Please support our Street Appeal and donate when you see us, or donate today.