Media release: Donor’s generosity helps Hospice patients       

July 24th, 2020

Media release Friday 24 July
Donor’s generosity helps Hospice patients

A generous Wellington family has enabled a special welfare fund for patients of Mary Potter Hospice to be established, supporting people in Wellington, Porirua and Kāpiti.

The Arthur Young Memorial Fund has been set up with a large donation of $200,000 from Arthur Young’s sons, Warren and David Young.

“During his life, our father supported a wide range of social and religious causes. He would be very pleased that his money is supporting people in need in the Wellington region, especially those who are sick and going through very hard times,” said Warren and David.

Hospice chief executive Brent Alderton said that for a long time the Hospice has seen patients experiencing hardship. Many have been out of work for long periods because of their illness, they need to purchase medication or equipment, and they want to help their family to manage when they are no longer with them.

“Every day we see patients and whānau in need of financial assistance or social support. Sometimes a relatively small amount of money can make a huge difference. We are exceptionally grateful to the Young family for providing the funds to help our patients in need,” said Mr Alderton.

Arthur Young originally of Auckland, many years ago established with others a charitable trust from which, during his life, he supported a wide range of social and religious causes. Since Arthur Young died about 20 years ago, his family has donated their share of the earnings of the trust to a social work cause providing care, protection and rehabilitation for women and their families in abusive relationships.

When the property which was the major asset of the trust was sold, Warren Young who was the trustee of the trust representing the Young family, and his brother David, both of whom now live in Wellington, decided to fully distribute their family’s share of the trust’s capital.

David, who is a volunteer at Mary Potter Hospice, and Warren said it was hard to decide how to best distribute the money.

“In the end we wanted to be true to our father’s memory. We have worked with Mary Potter Hospice on the criteria for the fund, and we know he would be pleased that his money is supporting people going through the toughest of times.”


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