Meet our volunteer Claudia Hatherill

July 11th, 2017


What one-liner best describes you?
I am a vibrant, mature 20 year old with an enthusiasm for business, events and travel.

And you are studying I hear?
Yes, I am in my last year of a Commerce degree at Victoria Uni. I am majoring in Marketing and Information Systems. I would like to work for a big firm on a variety of marketing projects with a project management focus.

It sounds like you have been incredibly involved volunteering here at Mary Potter Hospice?
I have been involved since 2016. This year I have been helping out with the annual street appeal. This included recruiting volunteers (the hardest part), keeping them up to date, setting up areas on the day, walking around to make sure everyone was doing ok, packing down, plus the best part was handing out chocolate to all the amazing volunteers (I may have had a couple myself).

What do you love doing the most in your volunteering role?
The best part about volunteering is that I am doing something to help. As a student I can’t afford to give a lot of money, so by giving my time I can still make a little difference.

So why MPH and not ‘cute fluffy’ animals?
I really just wanted to help and make a difference. I chose the Hospice because like many Wellingtonians, we all have had loved ones who have been in the Hospice and whilst cute fluffy animals are amazing, I have directly seen the great work the Hospice does.

And what do your friends and family think of you volunteering here?
My friends and family think it is awesome, they have all been super supportive.

Has your volunteer work helped shape your future plans?
Definitely, it has helped me gain a lot of skills such as balancing uni, work and volunteering, organisation skills, communication and some marketing too.

What’s your advice for Mary Potter Hospice to be seen as more hip/groovy/trendy/cool/hot (what IS the word?? Help!) among young Wellingtonians?
Hmmmm, I think definitely being very present on social media is the key to targeting the younger audience. But I wouldn’t recommend using some of the terminology such as bae, dab, lit and fleek. (If you don’t know what these mean, look them up on urban dictionary)

Anything else you want to tell us?
I would like to thank the Hospice for everything that they do and if you haven’t donated already, do it now!

Interested in volunteering?  Learn more here