Our Starlight Circle

February 20th, 2019

In the week of 18 February 2019,  some of our supporters will be receiving a letter from our Chief Executive, Brent Alderton, about our Starlight Circle Regular Giving Programme. Many will receive a follow up phone call.  Here’s some information in case you have any concerns:

About our Starlight Circle Regular Giving Programme
Starlight Circle is a group of supporters who generously make a regular automatic donation to the Hospice. A monthly Starlight Circle donation will help us provide free-of-charge care to people with terminal illnesses in Wellington, Porirua and Kāpiti.

“I’m so proud to support Mary Potter Hospice by making a monthly gift to the Starlight Circle. The Hospice made a big difference to me and my family when my nana died last year. This is my way of giving back to the Hospice and keeping her memory alive. The good thing about a monthly gift is that it is a set amount that I can budget for – large or small – it all makes a difference.”
– Michelle, mother of four and Starlight Circle member

Joining the Starlight Circle is a great help to us as it means we can budget and it cuts back on administration and postage costs. And hopefully, it makes it easier for our supporters as the donations to the Hospice happen automatically. It works by you making an automatic regular donation by your credit card or bank account. You select the set amount you want to give and it would happen automatically. Find more information about becoming a Starlight Circle member here.

Have you received a phone call from Mary Potter Hospice?
We are also contacting some of our supporters by phone to thank them personally for their generous support and to tell them more about the Starlight Circle. Our callers will not be obtaining financial information for donations or asking for credit card numbers.

Why are we doing telephone fundraising?
As more people are diagnosed with terminal illnesses each year, and demand for our service increases, the need to ask our community for ongoing support increases. We know a regular gift may not work for everyone and we are grateful for however you choose to support Mary Potter Hospice – thank you!

How do I contact you about a phone call I have received?
If you have any questions or feedback about a phone call you have received please contact:

Philippa Sellens
Director Fundraising, Marketing and Communications
020 4059 0157 or email us at donations@marypotter.org.nz