Remembering Ruth Gotlieb

July 24th, 2019

Mary Potter Hospice would like to acknowledge with gratitude the enormous contribution that Ruth Gotlieb made to the Hospice over many years.

She played a key role in organising a land swap that provided the site that the Newtown Hospice is now on. While she was a City Councillor and a Hospice Board member, Ruth Gotlieb found an ideal site in Mein Street – a poorly used council park across the street from the hospital.

Mrs Gotlieb lobbied hard to get enough people to have the majority, and finally got agreement from the Newtown community and Council on the condition that the Hospice provide land for another park. Thankfully the Sisters of Mercy were moving out of St Anne’s convent in Daniell Street. It was bought by the Hospice and demolished. The land was given to the Council in exchange for the Mein Street park and the Council developed Mercy Park on the Daniell Street site.

Construction on the current Mary Potter Hospice started in December 1989 and it was opened in August 1990.

Rest in peace Ruth Gotlieb.