The Lion Foundation supports Te Whare Rānui project

December 1st, 2020

There is something special about seeing community charities thrive, according to Tom Smith.

Grants Manager at The Lion Foundation, Tom is in charge of overseeing the allocation of funds to the various charities and community groups the Foundation supports.

Mary Potter Hospice has had a long relationship with The Lion Foundation. In just over 20 years, the Foundation has generously donated close to $1m to the Hospice.

This year, the Foundation donated $100,000 to go towards building Te Whare Rānui – the Hospice’s new Porirua base.

On top of that, the Foundation gifted a $50,000 grant to go towards the running of the Inpatient Unit in Newtown.

The donation towards Te Whare Rānui has been essential in getting the much-needed base to completion.

“We are really proud of the organisations we work with and the projects we run,” Tom says.

“It is very humbling to see the projects we invest into come to fruition.”

The Lion Foundation donates grants to charitable causes in the area of health, education, sports and community. Around 90% of the revenue gained by the foundation goes to organisations around Aotearoa.

“We get to do some amazing projects which are having a huge impact. It is unlikely there is a New Zealander out there who has not benefited from our funding,” Smith says.

Helping to make big projects possible for charities was something The Lion Foundation prided itself on, Tom says.

“Those larger build projects – like Te Whare Rānui – are things that we love to help get across the line. We know they are going to be useful for a long, long time and leave a real legacy.”

“We know for charities taking on a project it can be challenging to get those big chunks of money.

“If we can help with those bigger sums it is likely the investment will be used for many decades to come.”

While supporting big builds like Te Whare Rānui is rewarding, it was also extremely important to the Foundation that organisations are helped with general running costs, Smith said.

The Foundations support of operating costs for the Inpatient Unit has also been incredibly valuable. On average, the Unit’s monthly cost of food and laundry alone is close to $40,000.

For many years the Foundation has gifted a grant annually to help serve our patients and their families.

“The Hospice is a great organisation and it is a privilege to be able to support it,” Tom says.