Volunteer Cooks Needed

December 17th, 2018

We need two Volunteer Cooks at our Kāpiti Community Base. You will be part of a wonderful team of volunteers at the Day Hospice in Kāpiti. Your responsibilities will include planning, preparing and providing a meal for approximately 14 patients.

Sue is currently a Volunteer Cook at the Porirua Day Unit and has been volunteering for 18 months. Sue volunteered because she wanted to give back something useful to the community but what she now feels is that she’s actually getting back as much as she gives.

“I love food and cooking and my Volunteer Cook role at the Day Unit involves planning, shopping and preparing lunch for the patients. Another volunteer assists on the day to help prepare and serve the meal. The feedback is rewarding as the patients are so very appreciative of their meals and all that we do, even to the extent of getting up to try and help clear the table, when our purpose is to look after them! The atmosphere is lovely and the companionship goes both ways. Sitting down to eat lunch together we feel just like an extended family.”

If you are interested in applying for this role, you can find more information here.