Hospice New Zealand – Palliative Care for Care Givers

From: $100.00 (GST incl.)

This one day training course has been specifically designed for caregivers working in any care setting – homecare, aged residential care and hospital care.

The topics presented include: principles of palliative care, managing physical symptoms, care in the last 48 hours, communication, loss and grief, spirituality and self-care.

The aim of the course is to enable caregivers to improve their knowledge and understanding of palliative care.

Cost: $100 (gst incl.) per person per day

Light morning and afternoon tea provided, self-catering for lunch

Product Quantity

Wellington Venue TBC - Wednesday 20th May 2020, @ 0830 - 1600

$100.00 (GST incl.)

Porirua Venue TBC - Wednesday 16th September 2020, 0830 - 1600

$100.00 (GST incl.)


Learning outcomes

At the end of Session One you will be able to:

  • Define palliative care
  • Describe why palliative care is needed and who may need it
  • Discuss models of care and a holistic approach to care
  • Explain what quality of care means
  • Describe examples of ways of providing care

At the end of Session Two you will be able to:

  • Understand your role in pain and symptom management
  • Discuss the concept of total pain
  • Describe how to assess symptoms
  • Explain how to manage symptoms

At the end of Session Three you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of good communication
  • Identify barriers to effective communication
  • Feel more confident when faced with courageous conversations.

At the end of Session Four you will be able to

  • Recognise deterioration
  • Understand symptom management in the last days of life
  • Describe the holistic nature of loss and grief
  • Know the importance of self-care