Masterclass: Loss and Grief (2 Day Course)

$320.00 (GST incl.)

A Two Day Intensive Masterclass for Health Professionals and Community Workers

The course is targeted at health professionals and/or community and social care workers. It is presented by Mary Potter staff including counsellors, psychotherapists, social workers, Māori and Pasifika liaison workers and spiritual carers.

Cost: $320 (gst incl.)

Venue: Home of Compassion, Island Bay, Wellington

Note: The earlier date for 2020 aligns with other national communications initiatives.

Home (Sisters) of Compassion, 2 Rhine St, Island Bay, Wellington - Thursday, 2nd April 2020, @ 0830 - 1630 (TA:325)

Home (Sisters) of Compassion, 2 Rhine St, Island Bay, Wellington - Friday, 3rd April 2020, @ 0830 - 1630 (TA:325)



This intensive two day workshop gives an overview of grief theory and the practices around working with people facing end of life. It draws on international research and explores the challenges of working with people and their extended family/whānau.

Mary Potter Hospice does not exist on its own however when it considers Loss and Grief, so in 2020 the study days will also include exploration of the impact of community loss and grief (day 1) and disenfranchised groups whose loss, grief and bereavement may get “lost” (day 2).

It is enriched through personal stories of grief from individual community members and through small group discussion and interaction.

We also invite partners in the community to bring further expertise to the table;

“Men’s Grief” by Victoria University Lecturer Chris Bowden.

Full programme is available here

Learning Outcomes:

  • The palliative holistic approach to grief and loss
  • Communicating across cultures in times of loss
  • Tools and techniques for navigating difficult conversations
  • Caring for oneself while supporting others in grief
  • Mindfulness, meditation and healing presence