Mary Potter Hospice recognises that palliative care without science, is only art. Because we want to provide care that is artful and scientific, the Hospice encourages and supports research.

5.2 meetingOur research activities aim to help us better understand and improve care for those living with a life-limiting illness. We want to know how best to cure or care for the various physical, social, psychological, and spiritual challenges that patients and their loved one’s experience.

Mary Potter Hospice not only generates new knowledge to inform palliative caring through its various research projects, it also works to assist its Hospice clinicians to utilise research by bringing new evidence to the bedside.

Hospice staff who have contributed to the generation and utilisation of research evidence include those from the disciplines of counselling, medicine, music therapy, nursing, occupational therapy, and social work.

We are also committed to developing and maintaining research partnerships. This allows researchers from other institutions to study aspects of palliative caring within our institution, but it also provides opportunities for Mary Potter Hospice staff to enhance their research studies through collaboration.

Past and present collaborative efforts have included work with the Cancer Society, Motor Neuron Disease Association, Multiple Sclerosis Society, Massey University, and University of Otago Wellington. Similarly, the Hospice has collaborated with numerous other New Zealand hospices in benchmarking activities.

Hospice Research Fellow

Mary Potter Hospice employs a Research Fellow.  Our current Fellow is Martin Woods. Contact Martin by email

Our latest research

Below are links to some of our recent research publications:

Te Kete Marie – the peaceful basket, L Bolton RN and T Loveard OT, News @ the Library May 2016. A toolkit for caring for patients with dementia or delirium.

Oral Care for Hospice Patients With Severe Trismus, H Wrigley, BN, RN, and E Johnston Taylor, PhD, RN, Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, Volume 16, Number 2, Supportive Care, April 2012.

Useful links

Mary Potter Hospice Publications: A Bibliography

Mary Potter Hospice Research Forms:

Application to Conduct Research
Adverse Event Report
Annual Report
Final Report
Self-Audit for Researchers

Mary Potter Hospice Research Policy

Mary Potter Hospice Active Research Studies

At present no further research participants are needed.  Check this page for future calls for participants.

Frequently asked questions

I would like to collect data at Mary Potter Hospice. What should I do?

Please read the Mary Potter Hospice Research Policy for the thorough answer you need. The Application to Conduct Research and other necessary forms you will need to submit to the Research Director are located in the Useful Links section above. As the policy states, you may be able to substitute Health & Disabilities Ethics Committees forms.

I would like to donate funds to Mary Potter Hospice specifically for research. Who do I contact?

Thank you! Please contact Vashi Wood 04 381 0173.  Vashi and the Research Director will be happy to discuss possibilities with you.

I would like to participate in a research study. Do you have any that need me?

Very likely! Please check the current listing of research studies that are needing participants and see which study might fit for you.

How do I contact the Research Fellow?

Care of:
Dr Brian Ensor, Director of Palliative Care
Mary Potter Hospice
PO Box 7442
Wellington 6242
phone +64 4 381 0149