Corporate support

Supporting Mary Potter Hospice through your workplace is a fantastic opportunity to support a local charity that helps people living in our community when they need it the most

Charity of choice
Why not make us your charity of choice at work? Nominate Mary Potter Hospice as your next charity partner.

Sign up for Payroll giving
Payroll giving encourages members of staff to give regularly through a staff fund. It’s simple – voluntary donations are deducted from your staff members’ salary by the payroll department. Staff members can decide how much they wish to donate.

Donate to our work
Your business can help make a difference by donating to either to a specific project or to Mary Potter Hospice’s services in general. Remember 33% of money donated can be claimed back as a tax refund.

Corporate partnership
A partnership with Mary Potter Hospice offers genuine opportunities for all your staff to get involved with our fundraising campaigns. By partnering your branch, office or store with the Hospice, your employees can fundraise and volunteer in the communities they live and work in. They will be able to see where the money they raise is being spent and how their support is making a difference, which can be hugely motivating.

Throughout the year we have many opportunities for business to support or sponsor our fundraising events. Sponsorship helps cover costs which means more funds raised can go directly to patient care.

All our major supporters’ names and logos are placed on our Board of Appreciation, which is centrally located in the main foyer of the Hospice Inpatient Unit in Newtown. We also have a number of other ways we can thank you including placement of your logo on our website, social media and in our newsletters. You may choose a plaque for your office, VIP invitations to events or an invitation to our Annual Meeting.

To discuss any of these opportunities in more detail, please contact Phillip Harris – Senior Fundraiser, on (04) 381 0191 or