Regular giving

By making a regular donation you become part of the future of care at Mary Potter Hospice for patients and their families or whānau.

Your donations are urgently needed to help hundreds of patients every year with a life-limiting illness. Because of your donations we can provide our care free-of-charge to patients at the most vulnerable time of their lives.

Tele-fundraising for Hospice
From Monday 4 May 2020 and onward, you may see Mary Potter Hospice fundraising in association with ItAllCounts through Facebook advertisements. By completing the Mary Potter Hospice survey ItAllCounts donates 50cents to the Hospice. This ensures our services remain free for the people of Wellington, Porirua and Kāpiti.

After completing the survey you may also receive a call from one of our telephone fundraisers. Our representatives will be conducting telefundraising for our Starlight Circle. Now more than ever we need support from those in our community. By joining our Starlight Circle you allow us to budget, expand our services and continue to provide care that’s always there. Read more about our telefundraising here.

Join the Starlight Circle
Starlight Circle supporters give a set donation of their choice every month, ensuring Mary Potter Hospice can provide quality care to all who need it. Joining Starlight Circle is a great help to us so we can budget effectively. And hopefully, it makes it easier for you as your donations to Mary Potter Hospice occur automatically.

The name Starlight Circle originates from a philosophy that is deeply imbedded in the Hospice’s work: Whetū i te rangi – the ‘stars’ in the sky. Just as the stars guided the great Māori navigators to Aotearoa, Mary Potter Hospice guides our patients and their families or whānau on their journeys. Each patient is like a star guiding the Hospice’s work and our patients are with us, in our memories and hearts, like the stars in the sky, when their journey ends.

How your regular donation can help

Your monthly donation  plays a vital part in ensuring patients and their whānau and family receive the very best care.

“When Jack was at Mary Potter Hospice and he had pain, even just a little bit, they’d say “don’t worry Jack, we’ve got you covered’.” – Orion, Jack’s wife.

$25 a month can provide a patient with 12 home-cooked meals at our Inpatient Unit
$30 a month can cover the cost of four counselling sessions for patients and their families.
$40 a month can allow patients to receive the care they need in the comfort of their own home, by funding three home visits from a Hospice doctor.

Setting up your regular donation
Credit card
To make a regular credit card donation, choose the amount you would like to give, then select ‘monthly gift’ from the gift type drop down option on our online donation facility.

Automatic payment
To make a regular donation by an automatic payment from your bank account, please complete the automatic payment form and return it to us by email to or by post to Mary Potter Hospice, Freepost 3053, PO Box 7442, Newtown, Wellington 6242.

Once you’re set up, we’ll make sure you receive a tax receipt each April so that you can claim your tax rebate. All Starlight Circle members also receive regular communications about how your donations are making a difference. You can choose the amount and frequency you donate to suit your needs, and you can make a change to your donation at any time.

“I’m so proud to support Mary Potter Hospice by making a monthly gift to Starlight Circle. The Hospice made a big difference to me and my family when my nana died. This is my way of giving back to the Hospice and keeping her memory alive. The good thing about a monthly gift is that it is a set amount that I can budget for – large or small – it all makes a difference.”
– Michelle, mother of four and Starlight Circle member


For more information about regular giving please contact:
Lydia Steel, Fundraiser – Regular Giving
Phone: 04 381 0167

We couldn’t do what we do without your support. We put the patient at the heart of our service, encircling them with care and compassion so they can treasure every moment. We are here for you and your family or whānau.