For health professionals

We aim to work collaboratively with health professionals working across the range of sectors and services, particularly in the community, to promote and provide evidence palliative care knowledge, skills and experienced learning.

We understand that a partnership approach is needed to support our patients and use the resources we have most efficiently. We work in partnership with local universities, health providers and community groups. As a specialist centre, we often provide targeted on-site training for a range of health professionals and Allied Health workers.

Our workshops are designed for all health workers who provide palliative and end-of-life care to enhance the skills and knowledge they have and need to provide palliative care which will then meet the needs of their patients, clients, whānau and carers. The topics, learning activities and methods we use, both provide and promote opportunities for experiential and collaborative learning which is community focused.

Are you a health care worker or an organisation who has specific needs and would work with us designing a workshop which meets your individual needs? Please contact our Education Administrator on 04 381 0152 or email for more information.