Garth’s gift for the future

October 20th, 2020

At 92, Garth England has seen first-hand the impact Mary Potter Hospice has had on the Wellington community for many years.

“It is such a great place for Wellington people to have as a refuge in the latter part of their lives. It is great that people do not have to pay for their services, and that is, in part, due to people donating.”

Garth England, a member of the Camellia Heritage Club

Garth – a former meteorologist – has been a longtime supporter of Mary Potter Hospice. He and his late wife Angela regularly donated to the Hospice and helped with the annual Street Appeal. Following Angela’s death in 2016, Garth become a member of the Camellia Heritage Club. The Club is for people who have decided to leave a bequest in their Will to the Hospice. Garth says he decided to leave a gift because he wants the Hospice to continue its work.

“It was very easy to set up the bequest. I am fortunate enough to be able to leave some money to the Hospice. It is very important to me that the work that is done by Mary Potter continues.”

Garth’s generosity has benefited a large number of charities across the world. In the last year, he has donated to over 20 organisations. Being generous and supporting the community (Garth has been a long serving member of the Karori Lions Club) is something he enjoys immensely.

“I am very privileged to be able to support various organisations. If you have the resources, it is a very rewarding thing to do.”

The consistent care the Hospice has provided throughout the years to countless Wellington families is inspiring, Garth says.

“It is very comforting to know that within our community there is a Hospice which will care for you or a family member if they become ill. It is also a huge relief to know that care will be free of charge.”

We’re here to help, please contact us:
If you are thinking about leaving a gift in your Will, or want to know more about Mary Potter Hospice, our Bequest Coordinator Olinka would be delighted to have a quiet chat. You can contact Olinka on (04) 381 0163 or

Your generosity will mean so much to us.