I’ve already beaten the odds!

April 18th, 2024

Keith has turned his hand to many things in his lifetime and feels he’s already beaten the odds.

Born in the north-east of England, Keith describes himself as a true Geordie, who travelled to New Zealand’s shores in the 1990s to marry his sweetheart of 28 years.

Now 77, Keith spends his days with Caryl his devoted wife of almost three decades. “She’s my everything” shares Keith affectionately, “she’s the reason I’m here and now with my cancer diagnosis, every day is more precious.”

From politics to insurance and computer programming, Keith loves a challenge. He shares that before his 30th birthday, he had 35 jobs and learnt four languages. Starting his career as a labourer, Keith travelled the world during his service with the British army. And having a flair for catering, Keith found his place managing the Officers’ Mess; where he served and spoke with both Princess Anne and Her Majesty, the past Queen of England.

Today Keith enjoys a quieter life with Caryl, his three step-children, and their three grandchildren. This brings them great joy and, despite his recent life-limiting diagnosis, ensures he can remain positive about each day. “They gave me 3-6 months, a year on I’ve already beaten the odds and look forward to my 80th birthday! I won’t go about my days feeling sorry for myself”, reflects Keith passionately.

When Keith’s not at home with Caryl, he relies on Mary Potter Hospice to connect with other people and attends the weekly Hospice Day Programme for patients in Porirua. “I started coming here recently, they are all very nice people and they bring me coffee and cake. The staff have been awesome and can’t do enough to help! They look after you so well and help make every day matter. Everyone is so understanding and kind.”

Keith appreciates being able to spend time with others who, like him, are beating the odds and living everyday with positivity. Thank you for considering a donation to Mary Potter Hospice to support Keith and many other amazing patients like him: