Johnsonville Charitable Trust donates $20,000 towards the building of Te Whāre Ranui

May 11th, 2021

Some members of the Hospice care team who are based at Te Whare Rānui and work within the community

For over 30 years, The Johnsonville Charitable Trust has been generously supporting Mary Potter Hospice.

“Our first involvement with the Hospice was in April 1989 when we granted $30,000 towards their new X-Ray equipment. Since then we have always been eager to champion the work of the Hospice,” Trust general manager David Evans says.

Each year the Trust donates upwards of $250,000 to organisations which benefit the wider Johnsonville and Newlands area.  “We operate a property company which is also a charitable trust. All our dividends from the company are passed through to the charitable trust – and the funding for charities comes from that.”

“We are always keen to support things within the community which will benefit the residents one way or another.”

In 2020, the Trust donated money to a wide range of organisations – from sports clubs to mother’s groups. “Since 2013 we have gifted over $1.5 million.”

Last year, the Trust donated $20,000 towards the building of Te Whāre Ranui – the Hospice’s new Porirua base.  Having an increased presence in the local community is extremely important, David says.

“It is good to see the Hospice base some of their operations out of Porirua. It will be of huge value to the Northern Wellington suburbs.” Being able to support the work of the Hospice was something the Trust prides itself on, David says.

“Mary Potter Hospice as a palliative care organisation is without peer as far as I am concerned. “My perception of  the organisation as a whole, and the people in it, are exceptionally caring and undertake an absolutely superb job.”

“Again, it is a pleasure to assist in anything the Hospice is doing. It is a wonderful organisation.”