Mum is living a full live, thanks to your generosity!

May 17th, 2024

My mum, Eva, has been a real force for good throughout her life – although you’ll never hear her say that about herself!

She’s been a leading educator in Papua New Guinea, first as a teacher and then as a principal. She also created community colleges to help those who are often left behind gain an education, and she’s always been a helpful figure for the community during difficult times. Walking around with her there is awe inspiring – people from all walks of life recognise her and want to talk to her!

Culturally relevant education is so important for our family. We’re passionate that every young person experiences education in a way that makes them proud of their culture, grounds them, and teaches them to care for their land and community. And as someone who works in education, I can say I’ve learned from the best.

When Mum got sick, it was such a stressful time. After being rushed to Wellington Hospital, she stayed unconscious for 12 days. We didn’t leave her side for a month, and barely slept. It could have gotten so bad when we were discharged but the Mary Potter team flocked to us.

The care that the nurses, doctors, and volunteers have shown for Mum and our family is exceptional. They’ve always been there for us, and everyone has treated us with such kindness. We’ve appreciated everything they’ve done, from visiting us at home to answering our questions when we call. They also lent us a wheelchair, and tools to have a bath.

Mum visits the Porirua Day Unit every Thursday, and really cherishes it. She’s come to know so many amazing people from different backgrounds, in an environment where everyone is accepted and cared for.

Mum is so strong and resilient, and she is so well now. She can stay up all day, spends lots of time with her loved ones, and goes for walks to the beach. She’s also helping to organise community events in Porirua, and writing about her tribe’s history for the younger generation. Though she wants to continue doing absolutely everything, we are just doing as much as we can day to day. We want to continue contributing to culturally appropriate education in Papua New Guinea, and Mum really wants to raise cancer awareness there so that more people feel comfortable asking for help.

Mary Potter Hospice is such an amazing support system. On behalf of our family, I am so grateful for everyone who makes sure they can be there for us.

Thank you, Lorena