Our Christmas wish list

December 1st, 2022

Can you please help us this Christmas? There are some important items that we need and we’d be so grateful for your help.

If you can help, thank you so much! Please contact:
Phillip Harris, Phillip.Harris@marypotter.org.nz or phone 021 210 7276.

  • Replace and restock the face cloths used by patients – $126
  • Replace and restock patient hand towels – $336
  • A lightweight portable oxygen concentrator to enhance the mobility of patients – $5,923
  • A Spotify subscription for patients to listen to music in the Inpatient Unit – $14.99 per month or $179.88 annually
  • Sensor mats for patient use at home and in the Inpatient Unit – five needed at $215 each
  • A commercial freezer for the Inpatient Unit kitchen – $7,664
  • A mobile ultrasound device and tablet – the ultrasound device is $8,887 and the tablet is $799
  • Weekly flowers for the Inpatient Unit, used to brighten patient rooms and family spaces – $150 per week or $7,800 annually
  • Acoustic panels for the Hospice’s Kawakawa meeting room to improve the sound quality for education sessions and meetings – $5,880
  • Syringe drivers – two needed at $2,689 each
  • Sit/stand desks for Hospice staff – four needed at $760 each