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A glossary of terms that you may come across in your care

ACPAdvance Care Planning
AFIAudit Finance Investment (Committee)
AHPAllied Health Professional
APCAnnual Practicing Certificate
ARCAged Residential Care
CCCCare Coordination Centre
CCDHBCapital Coast District Health Board
CEPCentral Equipment Pool
CHSCommunity Health Services
DHBDistrict Health Board
DNDistrict Nurse
EOLCEnd of Life Care
HCAHealth Care Assistant
HOHouse Officer
IPUInpatient Unit
LDOLLast Days of Life
MECAMulti Employer Collective Agreement
MOMedical Officer
MOUMemorandum of Understanding
MPAMary Potter Apartments
NZNONew Zealand Nurses Organisation
OCS(Cleaning company)
PCCPalliative Care Coordinator
PCPPalliative Care Plan
PERQIProfessional Education, Research and Quality Improvement
SMOSenior Medical Officer
SPCSpecialist Palliative Care