With you at home

 Our Community Service is committed to caring for people in their own home, if that is their wish.

People living in the central Wellington area, the Porirua Basin and the Kapiti Coast have access to the Hospice’s community programme which enables them to remain at home for as long as possible.

Our Palliative Care Coordinators (senior nurses) provide assessment, monitoring, support and advice for patients, their family / whanau and health professionals. This occurs in the person’s home and in private residential care.

There are three community teams: the Wellington team based in Newtown, Porirua/North Wellington based in Porirua and the Kapiti team based in Paraparaumu.


Each team is made up of:

Palliative Care Coordinators: These are senior palliative care nurses, who visit people and their families in their homes and work with local health professionals to ensure that the most suitable palliative care is given.

Specialist Palliative Physicians: These are doctors who are available to visit patients in their homes and to liaise with the Mary Potter Hospice multidisciplinary team, the GP, and other community health services.

Occupational Therapists: An occupational therapist is available to visit people at home to help them remain as involved as possible in the activities they enjoy. Support is given for: management of work, self care or leisure activities,equipment needs, relaxation and stress management.

OllieSocial Worker: A social worker is available to assist people and their families and can make home visits. This service provides: advocacy and information, patient and family support assistance with grief and bereavement issues.

Counsellors: Counselling can be given at all Hospice locations or at home.

Day Units: The Day Unit offers opportunities for patients to socialise, participate in a variety of activities, or simply enjoy a change of environment. The Day Programme is run by occupational therapists, with assistance from volunteers.

How you can contact us:
Wellington Team: 48 Mein St, Newtown 6021, PO Box 7442. Phone (04) 801 0006. Fax (04) 389 5035. After hours: (04) 801 0006.
Porirua/North Wellington Team: 1 A Prosser Street, Porirua, PO Box 50089, Phone (04) 237 7563. Fax (04) 237 0864. After hours (04) 801 0006.
Kapiti Team: 36 Warrimoo Street, Paraparaumu, PO Box 460, Paraparaumu 5254, Phone (04) 296 1283, Fax (04) 298 3970, After hours (04) 801 0006.