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Other therapies (massage, art and music)

Mary Potter Hospice provides massage, art and music therapy services to enhance and support your wellbeing.

Massage therapy

Mary Potter Hospice’s Massage Therapist will discuss the treatment with the patient and the clinical care team to ensure comfort and safety. The treatment usually happens at the bedside. The benefits of massage include relief of muscular pain, reduction of stress, improvements in circulation, and comfort through safe and non-invasive touch.

For family or whānau members a neck and shoulder massage may be available to help release tension. This is carried out fully clothed and usually in a massage chair.

Art therapy

Arts therapy uses the creative process to improve peoples’ wellbeing by nurturing and encouraging expression, connection, play and exploration within a safe, caring and therapeutic relationship. Using the creative process within therapy enables people to express and explore their experiences through a range of creative methods and to find their own effective ways of communicating, connecting and making sense of things.

We can provide support at our community bases, at home, school, or suitable community spaces.

Music therapy

The Hospice’s Music Therapist shares music with patients and their families or whānau in the Inpatient Unit. For many patients, the time spent with the Music Therapist is based on songs that are favourites or have personal meaning. For some people the session results in the compilation of a playlist of favourite or significant music for them to listen to whenever they need it.

Sometimes our Music Therapist may help patients write a song. This could be for a special family occasion, such as weddings. It could be a gift to a loved one, saying the things the patient wants them to know and remember.