Massage therapy

As part of its range of therapies offered to its patients the Hospice offers massage therapy for its In-Patient Unit patients.

IMG_3026The treatment usually happens at the bedside. The massage therapist will discuss the treatment with the patient and clinical team to ensure comfort and safety.

The benefits of massage include:

  • relief of muscular discomfort and physical pain
  • reduction of stress, tension and anxiety levels
  • improvements in circulation
  • aid to digestion
  • comfort through safe and non-invasive touch
 To make an appointment with a massage therapist patients and
care givers can ask their nurse.

Patients can have two sorts of massage. Relaxation massage which is a smooth, flowing massage that improves general relaxation and relieves muscular tension. Or therapeutic massage. This incorporates massage techniques which focus on specific issues, for example, reducing tissue density (knots) or aromatherapy massage.

For close family members a neck and shoulder massage is available to help release tension. This is carried out fully clothed and usually in a massage chair.

“Receiving massage is one of the highlights of coming into Mary Potter Hospice so I look forward to it” – male patient.
Your foot massage really helps my feet. They are less swollen and not so sore afterwards” – female patient.