Social work

The social work team focuses on the social, emotional and spiritual care of patients, their families/whānau and their friends.

Support may be given at the Hospice or in people’s homes, if they choose. Social workers assist with the many practical issues facing patients and their families/whānau. This includes helping with plans of care for the patient who chooses to stay at home or elsewhere, conflict resolution and family meetings, financial problem solving and obtaining entitlements to assistance, and planning for wills and funerals. These matters can be of great concern to patients and we can help in resolving them.

Social work in a palliative care setting responds to the problems that arise for people in times of change in their lives. These problems can present as a change in role, financial circumstances or physical ability. We aim to gain a thorough and sensitive understanding of people as individuals, family/whānau members and as members of the wider community.

Our expertise rests in our thorough knowledge of how people can access the resources and information they require. This is often in the area of wills, funeral planning, Enduring Power of Attorney and special benefit entitlements.

A patient’s acute physical deterioration can place immense pressure on their whānau, families and support people. Understanding this, our social workers work with patients and their loved ones to access higher levels of support in the community.

We also work with people whose care needs demand that they be cared for in a hospital. To this end we facilitate the Support Needs Assessment required for funded care in a private hospital and assist people to cope with this transition.