Counselling is available for patients and their family, whānau and friends.

IMG_2478People can talk about their feelings and thoughts, and to clarify their choices, in a safe environment. You may have a particular issue or problem that requires one or two sessions with a counsellor. Or you may find that ongoing counselling over a period of time is needed.

Counselling might cover concerns about children or relationships, physical and emotional changes, grief and loss, or anything else that is a struggle.

Our counsellors are trained and experienced in working with all age groups. We see people on an individual basis, as couples or as family groups. We can provide support and education to colleagues and workplaces if that would be helpful.

Mary Potter Hospice counsellors abide by the New Zealand Association of Counsellors’ Code of Ethics. Our counselling service is free of charge.

A Very Helpful Booklet: ‘About Grief’

Our booklet, ‘About Grief’, provides very helpful and practical support for people at one of the most difficult times in their lives.

Download ‘About Grief’ or get a copy from your Hospice care team.