Social work

The social work team focuses on the social, emotional and spiritual care of patients, their families or whānau and their friends.

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We can support people in their homes or in the Inpatient Unit. Social workers assist with the many practical issues facing patients and their families or whānau. We also provide bereavement support after a loved one passes away.

This includes helping with advanced care plans, conflict resolution and family meetings, financial problem solving and obtaining entitlements to assistance. Our social workers can also assist with planning for Enduring Power of Attorney, wills and funerals.

These matters can be of great concern to patients and we can help in resolving them. Our expertise rests in our thorough knowledge of how people can access the resources and information they require.

Social workers are strong advocates for self-determination and culturally appropriate care. They are trained in evaluating the strengths of individuals and families and understand that good medical care requires that the wishes and needs of the individuals being served are respected. When cure is no longer possible, a host of psychological, physical, and spiritual stressors arise that social workers are specifically trained to assist the individual and family to cope and manage.

Mary Raymer  – National Association of Social Workers of America